Image of Jesse the Photographer

Hi I'm Jesse, I own Jwynn Photography with my lovely wife Kimberly. We are based in the St. Louis Westplex area and have our office in O'Fallon , Missouri where we started our photography business in 2004.

We are focused on providing fun memorable environmental portraiture services. We believe that when a photograph is taken in a memorable location (environmental) whether it is your home, favorite hangout or a new location it can mean so much more and bring back fond memories in the years to come.

I have spent considerable time building my photographic ability through personal study, professional training and keeping up with the latest trends.
My experience extends back through the early 1990s and does not stop with photography; throughout the same period I have studied and gained extensive experience with Graphic Design and Digital Production. I have an fun and adventurous spirit; I enjoy creating a light enjoyable experience during our phot shoots and keep everyone smiling and relaxed.

My greatest asset is my wonderful wife Kimberly; Kim is a master hair stylist and is the owner of "Vintage Hair Salon" in Warrenton and also works out of "Cuts~n~Color" an O'Fallon salon . Kim has a remarkable since of style and assists clients with their look before and during the shoots; she is ready to provide you with your hair styling needs at anytime.

At Jwynn Photography we always pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service and highest quality products; with a complete customer satisfaction guarantee; this is why we are Your Smart Choice For Photography!